enjoy the fall.
Me And My Skinhead Friend


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Me and my skinhead friend
Hang out after school
Me and my skinhead friend
He thinks that I am real cool
Me and my skinhead friend
Like to make fun of you
But my skinhead friend
Doesn't know that I am a jew
Verse 1-
Swastika tattoos
Not a hair on his head
If he sees my star of david
I'll wind up dead
Can't catch me wearing
My yamika
How do I explain to him
About Hanukkah
Verse 2-
He can't come to my house
And stay the night
Or he and my rabbi dad
Will get in a fight
Cant invite him to my bar mitsfa
Don't think I'll be able
Better head for Jerusalem
Because he found my dradle
(No, none of us are actually jewish and we have no skinhead friends...I don't even think there are any nazis in Granbury. If you happen to be a Nazi-skinhead please contact us and we will be your friend after we read the Torah and learn the Jewish faith.)
Copyright-No Ones Hero 2002