Picture Perfect


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Verse 1-
I saw her outside yesterday
I couldn't take my eyes away
Maybe she'll see me watching
Lonely guy, no chance, no way
She walks right past me not knowing the restraint I fight
She walks right and wonders why this guy's so shy
Why can't I get this girl out of my head
I wanna lay with her all day in bed
Together we are so picture perfect
So picture perfect
Verse 2-
Today I met this girl, that is so great
Maybe if I get the balls I'll ask her on a date
I'll play it safe, I'll play it cool
I'll tell my friends how I scored at school
I can't believe I found the one that makes me feel O.K.
I'll listen to all the things that she has to say
This girl has got me so in check
Like a little chain wrapped around my neck
Copyright-Flaccid 2002