enjoy the fall.
Life Goes On


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Verse 1-
You said, "I love you"
once too many times to make up for
What you said in the end
What the hell happened?
Why'd you lie to me
And say all things could be between us
Can I come back now...
1st Chorus-
Can I come back
Don't want to fall on the wrong track
A trust is broken but
Life still goes on
Verse 2-
Too many I love U's
You took for granted what you choose
Those simple words that mean to me
Verse 3-
From the first time that we met
The simple words that I don't regret  (You said!)
"I love you"
What was I supposed to do?
2nd Chorus-
Can I come back
By now you're well on the wrong track
You've probly spoken those
Simple words to somebody else like me
Copyright-No Ones Hero 2002