enjoy the fall.


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enjoy the fall is:


Name: wayde S. preston hunt
Age: 17
Girlfriend:  distance
Plays: with himself
Favorite Bands: everytime i die. rufio. thrice. thursday. atreyu. boys night out. the bled. fata. before today(the 5.9 boyz). amity. hopesfall. brand new. a static lullaby. avenged sevenfold. thumbscrew. fear before the march of flames. norma jean. a beautiful demise. story of the year. at all cost. glassjaw. poison the well. saosin. as i lay dying. say from charms. from first to last. letter 12. hidden in plain view. yellowcard.
Favorite Quote:  *im gay* - andy from the nightlife


Name: Wesley Daniel Lemens 
Age: 20
Girlfriend: James Hotshowa
Plays: Epiphone Wes Paul Edition, Marshall AVT50 W Half Stack w/ 4x12 cab, & my wiener
Favorite Bands: Thrice, Thursday, A static Lullaby, Senses Fail, uh...every time i die, Taking Back Sunday, MxPx, NOFX, Coheed & Cambria, Glasseater....woop woop, Amity, Letter Twelve, Brand New Found Glory, Story of the year, Evelynn(RIP), Finch, Rufio, The Ataris, & The Nightlife!
Favorite Quote: "U were the love of my life............i was the jealous boyfriend" -some gay guy named wes


Name: Jimmy McGuffin
Age: 17
Girlfriend: Brandy
Plays: "borrowed" maroon Ibanez Soundgear bass, 400W Yorksville bass piece of shit amp
Favorite Bands: Norma Jean, Twilight Episode, Brand New, Say From Charms, Poison the Well, Boys Night Out, Glassjaw, The Beautiful Mistake, Every Time I Die, Letter Twelve, The Nightlife, Coheed and Cambria, As I Lay Dying, Alkaline Trio, Hopesfall, Finch, Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, From Autumn to Ashes, Rufio, Sunny Day Real Estate, Thrice, A Static Lullaby, Atreyu
Favorite Quote: "Good JAAAAAAARRRRB!" - Coach Z


Name: Justin Herring
Age: 17
Girlfriend: Erin "stupidheaddumbface" Watts
Plays: badly on a Marshall AVT50 W Half Stack w/ 4x12 cab and wayde's "Sex Axe"
Favorite Bands: Every Time I Die, Thrice, Atreyu, Thursday, Fordirelifesake, Norma Jean, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Finch, Rufio, New Found Glory, Boys Night Out, Senses Fail, As I Lay Dying, Hopesfall, Poison The Well, Glassjaw, Letter Twelve, The NIGHTLIFE, The Beautiful Demise, Evelynn(RIP), Yesterday's Rising, Matchbook Romance, Story Of The Year.
Favorite Quote: "Get The Flapjack.......Out Of MY HOuse."- eminem's mommy in 8 Mile


name: cameron page
age: 17
girlfriend: wayde
plays: pearl drums, pearl and dw hardware, pearl free floating snare, zildjian cymbals, remo heads
favorite bands: the used, rush, yellowcard, lagwagon, boxcar racer/blink 182 (for travis), tower of power, thrice, james brown, dave matthews, jason mathena
favorite quote: "my man's packin"-heavyweights