enjoy the fall.
Tomorrow is Another Day


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Verse 1-
My best friends tired of hearing lies
He said he´s had enough of it
My girlfriend loves me not
Why does she have to fake it
All the kids at school
They always act so perfect
Everyones so full of it
And I can´t take it
If I remember right, you´re not so perfect
All you people seem to see is that reputations are everything
Verse 2-
I used to be cool
Mr. Popularity
Till' you started dating him
What the hell is wrong with me
I dont care anymore
My life is such a bore
I dont care what you say
Doesn't matter anyway
I feel like running away from this place cause this life I'm living's not mine
Yesterday's gone, today's almost over, and tomorrow is another day
Verse 3-
So what's it worth to you?
Do what you wanna do
Dont wanna deal with it
And I don't have to