enjoy the fall.
Heartbreak and Bronchitis


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Verse 1-
the only times I write a good song
raindrops come pouring down
looks like this time I went wrong
explains why you're not around
this isnt the first time or the last time or the last song I write
about you and me
I'm writing you this song
to ask you what went wrong (what went wrong)
but I'll wait another day
for you to come my way
what went wrong?
A burning box filled with letters that I've read overe and over again
and you ask me just how I've been
and I say fine
if you dont count the sleepless nights
my nocturnal ways keep me waiting for
one last nightmare
Verse 2
the only times I write a good song
nothing rhymes, stupid lines, it's not a good song at all
you said that we were meant to be
but I'm not the same kid that I used to be
this isnt the first fight or the last night or the last tear I shed
over you and me
Gay slow part-
looking at the stars
felt like this could last forever
you were my best friend
but not now
what the hell happened?