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Verse 1-
So many problems
So many people to please
Too many wrong turns
Too many things that I need
Theres nothing out there
Theres just no hope for me
I'm the most worthless
Punk kid that you'll ever meet
Verse 2-
Growing up has
Been so hard on me
It's not a game now
Meet my new friend, Reality
The sign that says "success"
Is on a road that I can't see
Whats the definition for responsibility
Am I just crazy or is there something wrong here
Is it my fault that I just dont care
Well everythings my fault so it'll be alright
I just hope i make it through another night
Verse 3-
I've got so many
Expectations to meet
Time to forget my
Hopeless teenage dreams
If you call this
The land of the free
Why are you forcing me
To be what you want me to be
Copyright-No Ones Hero 2002