enjoy the fall.
Garlic Toast


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Verse 1-
I am on my own
Dont know where to go
Stuck on this one way road
Dont know where I came from or how to get  back
Wont anybody f***ing cut me some slack
Well I didnt mean to
I don't f***ing hate you
I dont even think that
You are f***ing able
To lead me in the right way
Tomorrow is another day
Let's see how many times I kick me in the a**
I said I'd always be there
Now im f***ing no where
I don't even know where my car is
Why am I always wrong
What's the point of this song
To make you think that I am f***ing insane
Whats the point of this life
When is it gonna end
So d*** confused
Can't let go of them
Always asking me when am I gonna grow up
Well here's a question when are you gonna shut up
Verse 2-
So d*** immature
Don't think theres a cure
For my lack of respect towards you
Don't know how to act
Kick him in his ball sac
Till he's crying and lying on the floor
Yeah I'm in a band
Still don't give a d***
Bout` my life and neither does he
Wanna drop out of school
Pissed in a swimming pool
Cause my bladder is like a two year old boys
Copyright-No One Hero 2002