enjoy the fall.
A Love Song


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Jimmy wrote this song for his girlfriend Jessie on their 10 month aniversary...If you don't get some of the inside jokes then don't worry...you're not supposed to.
Verse 1-
Look up into the sky
The sun glistens in your eye (just one)
Pretty smile on your face
Brightens all my days
Now rest your pretty head
As you lay here in your bed
And I will lay with you until we fall asleep
Green eyes that shine
Hand gripped in mine
Girl I love most
Alabama's on the coast
Don't worry I'll catch you
Hey I really like your shoes
Don't dwell on yesterday
Cause tomorrows on its way
Verse 2-
Please forget all the times
That I made you cry
Laying there in my room
Thinking we were through
Thought of all the things I'd miss
The sweet taste of your lips
Now I lay here crying myself to sleep
Verse 3-
We make a great pair
Remember my blue hair
Star Wars was a great movie
I love it when you call me sweet pea
I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you
Copyright-No Ones Hero 2002