enjoy the fall.
we cant stop here. this is bat country


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we cant stop here. this is bat country

       casino lights.         casino nites.
                                 sin works in the most mysterious
  butt its no longer a mystery when everywhere i turn
                     its blinking and staring me in the face.
                                          isnt the trunk comfortable?
                                   did you know you could bend that
   turns out luck wasnt even a lady.
                     check the pants first before you see yourself in them.
                                          its cold as hell...
                     this town could make or break you.
                                    its up to you to decide which
                                                        limb goes first.
              fear and loathing...
                                               snake eyes always seem
                                                    to stare ready to strike
                                                               at the lucky.
                                  place your bets. say your prayers.
                                                  viva las vegas!

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