enjoy the fall.
shoot first, explain later


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                                      you can acquire so much information
                                                  from so little the evidence.
             all it takes is a fingerprint.
                       your only queen of the crime scene
                                              but you wont be treated like royalty where
        this siren drawn carriage is taking                       you.
                                                         you cant frame someone without first
                                                                getting the                picture.
       maybe your bulbs burned out?
      and maybe ill come during visiting hours
      and                                      kiss        you through the glass.
                how romantic...
                                this glass could shatter if i knew how to harness
                                                     these feelings that are eating
             away at my insides.
                                                                                thats right,
                                                                                hypnosis style bitch.
                                                                                what do you know
                                                                                about that?
  butt with the occasion i leave you behind.
                                  knowing youll be safe with all the
        maximum                   security.
                                       i            hope you got the top bunk baby.
                because being at the bottom is lonely                         without
                        dont forget to write...

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