enjoy the fall.
Open Ears Lead To Open Wounds


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how can you sit there and tell me this meant nothing.     when it took everything i had in me away.                 whos bags are those packed up. waiting by the door.        did you forget anything besides my bleeding heart?        her back turned is nothing butt a constant reminder    of how many ways she put me all behind her.                              bite your lip to   prevent.  the future screams when youll be missing.   how many sleepless nights we stayed up just laughing.                    close your eyes to disguise tears that couldnt be wiped away in front of me.                         how many do you wipe away now?

         bite your lip to.       prevent my name.

 you take my hand butt my fingers are still crossed.     i take a breath        as you realize you werent lost.       blood drips from     your lip.                  looks like at least once you listened to me...