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Whos in it? Wes Lemens, Jimmy McGuffin, Justin Herring and Joey Garrett
Where are you from? Good ol' Granbury TX
How long have you been together? Since November of 2001
Why do you play punk? We dont really...we just say that because most people like punk...we are really a metal/emo/ska band with lyrics about animal rights.
How did you get started? Jyramie, Jimmy, and Joey were all in German class and a project came up with a german poem called "der Erlkornig." So, the boys knowing they had musical talents, asked the teacher if they could make it into a punk rock song. So they did and things clicked pretty well. About a week later Joey introduced them to Wes and he made the band even better. But then they kicked Jyramie out and replaced him with a new, fresh, better looking guitarist named Justin Herring.
What are some musical influences? NOFX, Green Day, Pennywise, The Ataris, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, Rancid, Bad Religion, Blink 182, MxPx, Millencolin, Less Than Jake, Makeshift3, Larger Than Life, Rufio, Gob, Goldfinger, Good Charlotte, Midtown, New Found Glory, Pulley, Allister, Sublime, Nirvana, AFI, Anti-Flag, probabaly others...
Boxers or Briefs? All boxers besides Wes....He's a brief man!
Why such a crappy name? Well, it's a long story really. We started off as Flaccid. We found that in a puberty pamphlet in the nurses office at school and it said it meant limp penis. After we realized we werent in 7th grade, we decided to change it...but we didnt know what to. We tried names like The Infidels and Faces on the milk Carton and ADD...but none really fit us. Then, bored in class, Jimmy made a patch that was making fun of his rather large friend that said Fat Chad. They decided that that should be their name. After about a week they realized it was completely retarded and changed to Dirty Irish. This name stayed for a while. Then after a while...it got old. They were ready for a serious name. So in search for a new name, Wayde (singer for Maxwell Stone) gave them the idea of No Ones Hero. This name stuck. It fit the band great. So, there ya go!
Who have you played with? Pray For Mojo, Maxwell Stone, The Scapegoats, Days Like These, Skeemer, Unit 21, Nectar, Bombstick, Better Than Nothing, Losing Streak, On The Rise, Vagrance, Agape`(Broken Up), and probably some others...
Who would you like to thank? Vanilla Coke, Pray For Mojo, Maxwell Stone, Jimmy's parents for putting up with us, Fina gas station and unleaded fuel, all the places we've played at, Maxwell Stone, Jessie, Stevo (roadie/drum/bass man), Marshall amplification, Fender, seat belts, Washburn, Wes's social security checks, Joey's Family, Susie (from Germany), Dreamworld Music Complex (River), Dirk (roadie/drum man), The Door, Ford Taurus, Jyramie Cooper, Germany, Jessica (More Then Just A Photographer), Cody (Roadie/Groupie), everyone in Cleburne, Everyone who made cd's for us, Al Gore for inventing the internet, all our wonderful fans, and last but not least our parents for getting wasted and making our lives possible. Thank you.