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5/17/03-It's only been a month since anyone has written in here. The band has been busy the past month recording their new demo(which I might add is great and you should all buy it) and getting ready for a busy summer. Next weekend they are trying out a new singer. So we'll all have to wait and see what happens with that. I know we all wish nothing but the best for the boys!
4/16/03-Just should say that any rumors you may have heard about the band not showing up to the show Friday are NOT true. They will be there and so should you. Hope to see you all Friday!
4/13/03-Hello all! Here's some news, I'm the new news girl(since nobody has enough energy to write in here and I have too much for my own good) I have voluntered myself to take this position and have been granted permission. Therefore, any news needing to be posted, please report to me-Sara. Now for the news, pretty much all for now is that there are some really great shows coming up,go ahead and check out the "shows"  page for more information. Later!
3/02/03- Wow...it's been a while since i wrote anything here. We need a name and a drummer. If you can help please email us asap. thanks.
10/7/02- Sorry Kristen.
9/22/02- YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE how tired I am of typing news on here that nobody reads.
9/5/02- Thanks to all who went to the show at Dreamworld on the 31st. We have some other shows coming up at Microplay and The Door. Make sure you check those out.
8/31/02- Sadly, we had to cancel our show sept 6th at Club Optimo. We do have other shows though so check out the shows page and keep updated on the site. Thanks.
8/28/02- Does anybody even check out this page on the site? If you do, post a message about it. Anywho...we are meeting at the old Wal*Mart parking lot (Bealls) in Granbury at 4:30 for the show this saturday at Dreamworld. We cannot provide rides for the kiddies...sorry. Remember guys, $1 off if you dress like a chick...and if you already look like one then that counts too.
8/17/02- Everybody needs to check out our guestbook and look at all the entries we have from Germany! Thank you Susie for giving our cd to that raido station. Germans kick ass!
8/14/02- Our show went good last friday...thanks to all who came out. So what does everyone think of the cd? You can buy it plus buttons and stickers online at our merch page. Don't forget to check out the shows page for all our upcoming shows.
8/8/02- Our show in Joshua is only one day away and we'd like to say happy 15th birthday to Shannon. If you want to come to the show you are welcome....it's free- but to be nice bring a present. Its at Joshua Community Center which is right next to Joshua High School. We also have a show scheduled at The Door in Ft. Worth on September 21st. It's a battle of the bands and the more the support the better. Or, even if you don't like us, GO! There will be other great local bands.  It will great fun for the whole family!!
7/29/02- We had our first show back Saturday. It went fairly smooth except for a few strap incidents and a broken drumstick. The people were great and we had fun. We've also decided to lower button prices so check out the merchandise page. Our next show is in Joshua on the 9th.
7/22/02- We recorded our first cd sunday called Thoughts And Reminders. It's 10 tracks for $7 per cd...they come with a free button! Dont forget about our show this saturday.
7/15/02- The wait is over! We have a new guitarist who we like to call Justin (yes, that is his real name). We also are recording this weekend and we have a show the next on the 27th. So come to our show and buy a cd and some buttons and then maybe in the near future we can have shirts and stickers.
7/11/02- Hey. We've been trying out guitarists to fill Jyramie's shoes and so far we like what we see. It wont be long until we have a second guitarist and are back to playing shows. We are recording in less than two weeks...on the 20th...so look for our cd and buy some buttons. Thanks.
7/1/02- We have some good and bad news which really ends up to be good news. The bad news is that we HAVE to kick Jyramie out of the band for personal reasons. The good news is that we are going to replace him with a GOOD guitarist who we can actualy get along with. We would like to wish Jyramie a bright future with whatever he decides to do after this. Thanks for nothing.
6/30/02- The show last night was awesome...thanks for coming out. We are looking to have a cd out here in two weeks so be looking for that. Happy birthday to Jimmy...he's saving up money for a new bass. Keep looking for shows and make sure you get a cd when it comes out.
6/24/02- Yeah, so we lied...we have a show this saturday, the 29th, at Microplay in Cleburne so come out and hear some good tunes. Cover charge is $5 and you can rent some video games too! Come out and have a good time. Oh, it will also be Jimmy's 16th birthday so bring him a present and wish him a happy birthday.
6/19/02- We are working on raising some money so we can get a cd out for you guys. One with all our songs on it...not just like 5 or 6..so it'll take a lot of money. As you can see we don't have any shows set up and probabaly won't till July after we get a cd and Warped Tour. If you have any questions, comments, answers, foul remarks, or want to give donations please e-mail us. Thank you.
6/15/02- Hey! It's been a while but we have some news. Our shows went pretty good besides all our shit breaking...but that just means we need to play more shows and make more money to buy new better shit. We are going to have shows comming up this summer and a cd in a few weeks. So look forward to all that. O.K., byebye then.
5/30/02- Hey! Schools almost out for us and we have some summer shows to go with it. June 6th we are playing a battle of the bands at the Civic Center in Cleburne and another one June 14th at Microplay. Pray For Mojo will be at both so come out and have some fun!
5/24/02- Eh, the show wasnt too good. No more house shows...not enough people. We do have a battle of the bands coming up June 6th with a lot of people so come out and see that. That is all.
5/22/02- We have a show this friday at Dirk Waits house. For those of you who dont know, he's the drummer for Agape`. Come out and hear some good tunes and for the barbeque. BYOB!!! (bring your own BEEF!)
5/19/02- AHHHHH! Both shows were awesome! If you went please sign the guestbook. We have no shows as of right now. WE NEED SOME! We also need to get into a studio and get a CD for the fans. Buy Pray For Mojo's demo CD! $2! Well, that is all for now.
5/15/02- Joey is going to be able to stay in the band. We are all very greatful. We have another show this saturday at Microplay in Cleburne. So, go to our show in Stephenville and then follow us to Cleburne.
5/4/02- We dont know what the future will hold for us with Joey but he will play with us in our two up coming shows. Also, our good friends, Agape`, are going to try and put some horns to Me and My Skinhead Friend and make it ska. We'll see how that works out...
5/1/02- Joey had to leave us because his mom is mean. We now dont have a drummer.
4/28/02- We changed our name and made a new site. As you can already see we are now No Ones Hero. No more Dirty Irish. Hooray.
4/26/02- We will be playing at the Granbury High School battle of the bands on May 10th. If you can please come out and support us cause if we win then we get money. We also have some other shows coming up that we will post later.
4/21/02- The show was awesome. All the bands did great. We had a good turn out. We are going to try and set another one up before summer. We met a band there that heard about the show called The Steve Daves and we might be playing with them coming up soon. We are also going to have more shows with Maxwell Stone and Pray For Mojo.
4/11/02- We tried out another guy at the singer position. We were pleased and he's going to come back this weekend. And, The Jackalope Trio will be opening at The Show.
4/8/02- We have a new band to add to the line up to replace Victory Dance. They are a ska band from Cleburne called Pray For Mojo. Enjoy.
4/7/02- We tried out Kyle and we decided that we're not going to have a singer and just keep the band how it is.
3/31/02- Happy easter. We may have a singer lined up for us named Kyle Strube. He is the ex-bassist for Victory Dance.
3/28/02- News page created. Victory Dance broke up so they wont be playing at The Show on the 20th.